In this quick tip, we show you how to render a clean UVW pass from cloners to use in a compositing application (like AE). This is useful mostly for post-production purposes when you know you will need to mass-produce variations on the same geometric foundation. In our specific case, we were looking to render...
You’ve worked on a project for days, if not months. You spent countless hours sitting in meetings with the client to understand and refine what their needs are. You effectively are the expert in the problem placed before you by the client. Why not act that way? When in a pitch, understand and believe...
Ever accidentally hit a key command and POOF…things aren’t working right. It’s always annoying, but particularly one when you are trying to work on your timing and spacial alignments in your Cinema timelines. Frame-snapping is what keeps the playhead moving in 1-frame steps. When disabled, the playhead actually scrubs into the between frames giving...

“The ultimate inspiration is the deadline”
-Nolan Bushnell (Founder of Atari)

We all want to make bigger, better work that inspires others, pushes boundaries, gets noticed. But to do those things, it requires us to work towards something. In it’s simplest form, that’s what a deadline is…the knowledge that we must complete something within a limited scope.

Do you have projects that just drift aimlessly in the background? Put a deadline to them…even if it’s far off. But put a timeline out there, and adhere to it as you would any job. Take it seriously. When you do that, it turns out that deadlines shouldn’t be feared, but used to motivate…to inspire.

In this quick tip, we show how to go beyond just using the basic Area Light. The benefits of this include using shape-based lights that can be visible in renders and reflections, and the ability to simulate simple GI without actually needing GI, and using advanced and complex shapes to light scenes.