Timeline Playhead Not Snapping

20 May , 2014  

Ever accidentally hit a key command and POOF…things aren’t working right. It’s always annoying, but particularly one when you are trying to work on your timing and spacial alignments in your Cinema timelines.

Frame-snapping is what keeps the playhead moving in 1-frame steps. When disabled, the playhead actually scrubs into the between frames giving you a decimal-point position. This can be very annoying, and oddly, the key command is simple to stumble on.

The trigger for this is to be working on a Cinema timeline with keyframes selected, and hitting the ‘X’ key. That’s it… very simple to mistakenly trigger. Simply hitting ‘X’ again will re-enable, but you have to figure out what happened first.

To check this setting, or to enable/disable the old-school, ‘manual’ way, it’s also very simple. In a timeline window, go to Edit, and drag down to ‘Enable Frame Snapping”.


Hope this was helpful. Soon I’ll post a tutorial on how to assign, remove and/or reassign key commands in the software to avoid this problem all together.

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